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Kiln Dried Firewood Facts

Energy Efficiency

When buying wood, consider the cost per kilowatt of energy. Using local suppliers may seem more convenient, but much of the firewood currently available is damp and difficult to burn.

Less moisture = more heat output

less moisture = more heat output

Whilst open fires have a strong attraction, they are extremely inefficient compared to wood burning stoves and even these will vary considerably.


Efficient methods of burning wood

efficient methods of burning wood

The more efficient a fire burns the less fuel is required

Number of logs required to produce an equivalent heat output

number of logs required to produce an equivalent heat output

Additionally the higher water content will prevent the gasses in the wood from igniting allowing them to escape - unused, up to 50% potential heat wasted!

Stove Efficiency

The extra logs required (possibly more than three times as many) to produce the equivalent heat output, are a considerable waste of money, labour, transport and storage.

Recognise this? Just look around your area and see how many chimneys are smoking. Now you know why.

Stove types and efficiency

stove types and efficiency


Wood differs from other fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil because it is part of the carbon/carbon neutral cycle. Although the fuels produce CO2, trees absorb CO2 and store it as carbon which makes up half the weight of the tree.

When the wood is burned it releases only the same amount back into the atmosphere, exactly the same as if the tree was left to rot.

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